Mystery Nectar points on eBay until Oct 23rd 2017

Surprise Nectar Points on eBay

Click the link above to activate the offer onto your eBay account. Collect a surprise number of Nectar points on every eligible transaction made on eBay between now and Monday with a minimum £5 spend*.

Keep an eye on your account – the points you’ve earned will be credited into your account within the next 28 days of the promotion ending.

Offer valid from 19th October up until midnight 23rd October 2017.


Two Wands, One Wand, What's the Difference? Almost 30 Grand.



Some of the early editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopers Stone have a misprint on page 53 where the item "1 wand" is repeated twice in the list of supplies a young wizard needs to take to Hogwarts to begin the first year. The missprint can seriously up the value of the book but only if it's a first edition.